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Hi, my name is Yvonne. My husband Mike and I live in Oberlin, Ohio, a small town about 15 miles south of the Lake Erie shoreline. Through the years we have shared a love of fantasy
(Dragons, Unicorns, Wizards, Fairies and Tolkein).
Fantasy is a great escape from re-ality!!!
Since getting our computer, I have expanded my interests to include Outlook Express Stationery and Lake Applets. This website has turned into an Outlook Express Stationery site with some added lake.class applets. Keep checking back as I will continually keep adding new stationery.

These pages are best viewed with Microsoft Internet Explorer.
The stationery previews don't work well in other browsers.

Attention, users of OE6: YES, this stationery does work in OE6, but IE6 and OE6 have the default security settings set too high to view stationery correctly. In Internet Explorer, click on 'Tools', then, 'Internet Options'. In the 'Internet Options' box, click on the 'Security' tab, then click 'Custom Level'. In the 'Settings' box, scroll down to 'Active Scripting' (it is under the 'Scripting' heading). Change the 'Active Scripting' to 'Enable'. Then click 'OK' and 'Yes' to confirm, then click 'OK' to exit the 'Internet Options' window. In Outlook Express 6, click on 'Tools', then 'Options', then click the 'Security' tab. Under 'Virus Protection' 'Select the Internet Explorer security zone to use': Select: 'Internet Zone'. Click 'OK' to exit.

Updated site and added some new stationery 03/10/04